Wonderful and Luxurious Khadakvasla House in Pune, India

 Here are wonderful and luxurious Khadakvasla House in Pune, India. This Khadakvasla house is a result of the creation SPASM Design Architects. The house is very comfortable with the design is purposely made ​​semi-opened. Timber elements are widely used especially in the ceilings and partitions. Parks and swimming pools are made very close to home so that fresh nuances blend with the overall design of the house. The use of transparent glass allowing sunlight illuminates the house at noon. It also maximized the use of glass to frame views of the garden and pool are fresh. Meanwhile, the hall-lorng and corridors in the house made ​​extensive and quite swing that maximum air circulation. This house will be a pleasant residential dream for those of you who like the warm sun and fresh atmosphere throughout the day.

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