Small Space Living

We have a thing for small spaces. Having featured small space solutions for houses (remember the 344 sqft & 480 sqft ones?) which can barely boast of any area to play around with, we are back again with a new gem from Portugal which puts its 474 sqft area to maximum use. Designed by Consexto architects, this home(titled The Closet House) was chosen as one of the winners of Arch Daily’s Building of the Year award in 2010.

 The house uses a variety of tricks to pack in more with less. Take this entertainment space for example.

 Visually the space looks quite light weight with all units built into the wall. Don’t be fooled by that though! Slide out a drawer and you have a mini bar.

 Dim the lights, slide a panel and you have a mini theatre!

 The shortage of space did not prevent the designers from taking some chances in the bathroom either.

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